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Freemasonry in Black and White

Catalog #362793
Freemasonry in Black and White
By Charles M Harper Sr
On Demand Publishing, LLC-Create Space
Paperback 244 pages
For too long have the norms of society found its way into Freemasonry and leading men of a Masonic Lodge, instead of the beauty of Freemasonry being taught and sending this light into the world within enlightened minds that produces a better society. The knowledge found within the walls of a lodge can make a man truly a better man within his faith, a better father, son, husband and ultimately a better man for the world. There are issues, academic and social, that are preventing this process from happening in Masonic lodges today. For centuries, a Masonic Lodge has been the place of higher learning. Kings, scholars, presidents, white collar and blue collar individuals, have all advanced the beauty that the Creator of humankind, God, has innately placed within each of us. Like the power of centripetal force, goodness revolving in the center attracts goodness to it. In America, this circular motion is stalling and causes a regression in positive men emanating the beauty of the craft into society. Quietly, the separation of men due to the darkness of America's past hampers the liberation of each heart. A lack of the ability to invest time in each Mason, as was available in the past during the golden age of the fraternity, to instill in him the beauty of truly being a point within a circle of ALL mankind, has created a domino effect of negative repercussions that is gaining traction with the ability of masons to communicate and see masonry practiced in all parts of the world like never before. Now is the time to halt the slide and get back to the foundation and intent of the craft. No longer can we quietly hide behind the long existing reverence and mystic of the craft and hope the social issues that led to a division of men, and the lack of holding each Brethren accountable of the responsibility to Master the Craft and being truly declared a Master Builder, will quietly be held to a minimum until the Fraternity recovers by a hopeful influx of new inventive minds. These men are already here entering our lodges seeking light and finding the old ideas working against new ones. Traditions founded out of practice and not of ancient usage and logic guarding the door of true spiritual growth. Men seeking knowledge should not be outcasts within the minority. There does exist Masonic Grand Lodges that are proactive in these departments, but they are not enough. If we are to continue to produce men that are to lead society into the beautiful humanity that God intends, and that our ancient knowledge was designed to induce, we must all be on one accord. This book is the baring of my thoughts, mistakes and ultimately- my clarity of mind and spirit. This book is my story, my ideas, and my vision to a better social climate within the Fraternity. It is my humble experience in Black and White
EAN:9780615819068 ISBN:0615819060

Freemasonry in Black and White




Charles M Harper Sr


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