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For the Good of the Order

Catalog #362777
For the Good of the Order
Examining the Shifting Paradigm Within Freemasonry
By John Bizzack Ph D
On Demand Publishing, LLC-Create Space
Paperback 110 pages
What has transpired in North American Freemasonry since the 1960s has been influenced by not only factors external to the institution, but less obvious internal ones as well. To better understand where the Craft has been and where it will likely be in the future requires a balanced examination in context, a context wherein Freemasonry is viewed as a whole, not in fragments. For the Good of the Order examines the long-standing attitude regarding membership decline and lack of engagement by men who enter the West Gate with initial enthusiasm, but soon find their zeal for active involvement in the Fraternity waning. This panoramic view and examination illustrates that much of what the institution faces today and in the future regarding membership decline, is much more likely to be effectively addressed by what is often seen emerging in Masonry today around the country: a return to past traditions and practicing traditional Freemasonry in our lodges.
EAN:9781490480404 ISBN:1490480404

For the Good of the Order




John Bizzack Ph D


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